Nomination Information

PLEASE NOTE: We will continue to accept nominations for the next future awards gala. However, due to the global pandemic, we are uncertain when our next large event will take place. We will keep everyone updated with changes as new information arises. 

The Selection Committee is comprised of all volunteers and community members who represent organizations that are committed to ensuring Indigenous youth look forward to new and innovative ways of learning about and planning for their future. IYARA believes that recognizing a person for their achievements is a great way to build self-esteem and build role models so others can see that their goals are attainable. The awards are based on efforts made by youth and not necessarily always entirely on accomplishments.

Nominate a person today by completing the Nomination form below.

Nomination form

Eligibility for Nomination

Youth Achievement Nominees

  • Be of Indigenous ancestry of the Northwestern Ontario Region.*
  • Must be of applicable age for each category.
  • Consent to the nomination.
  • Submit nomination letter.
  • Submit relevant information such as copies of school transcripts, newspaper articles, photographs, or any other documentation.
  • Demonstrate commitment to a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Indigenous Ancestry

The Canadian Constitution recognizes three groups of Indigneous people – Indians (Status and Non-Status), Métis people and Inuit

Northwestern Ontario Region

Any Indigenous person born within the Northwestern Ontario or currently resides in the region. Northwestern Ontario is the region within the Canadian province of Ontario which lies north and west of Lake Superior, and west of Hudson Bay and James Bay